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  1. IGN: gamerdude999 Age:11 Country:Ireland Tekkit Experience:almost know everything Do you have a Mic: No Are you able to use Team speak?: Maybe later having difficulty with it I haven't ever used Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?: I like servers where it's peaceful and there's not many people.
  2. In Game Name:gamerdude999 Age:11 Country/Timezone:Dublin Ireland How good is your English?:Perfect Any previous experience as staff (server names, if they are still up):No but I have helped loads of staff Why you want to be Staff:So I can help make the server a fun enjoyable place Why we should choose you (In 50 words):Because I am kind to newcomers and I am great with stopping people from bullying others Time you can spend on server and how long you have been playing:I have been playing for 10 minuites and already wish to help Have you been banned before? If so, why?:No I have never b
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