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  1. My fault! My tekkit launcher doesnt update to latest. Doing it now. Thank you for accepting me!
  2. Game Name: Pepperytable Age: 22 Reason: I am getting sick of all these large PvP servers were you are completely on your own. Everyone you team with ends up killing you and robbing you. Or you build a base at bedrock only to find someone xrayed it in the night and took all your hard work. If war is going to happen, I'd like an opportunity to fire back atleast once. Im looking for a small easy going community who get along long and are a pleasure to play with.
  3. Hello I would love to join your server. I have been looking for a good, small server to enjoy for a while. Most of them seem to be pvp for the pure sake of pvp. Making it very hard to start off. Age: 22 Fun Griefing: Fun griefing is where you engage with the person during a war. Rather than just finding a base and blowing them to kingdom come, you wait untill they are on. Perhaps even keeping the war to basic missles. I prefer a game where people get along even after they lose their hard work. Why I want to join: I like the idea of closeknit servers, large chaos servers are a pain. I want a server I can enjoy with good people. The bonus is I also have a love for technology and computers. Username: Pepperytable How many are on the server already?
  4. IGN: Pepperytable - Im 22 - GMT - Northern Ireland - I know quiet a lot about Voltz - I have played several Voltz servers, people tend to go all out pvp. Everyone I teamed with ended up killing and robbing me. Meaning its hard to make friends and continue playing on your own. I'd like a server where your team mates and alliance buddies are actually buddies, and won't turn on you. - I would definitely team with others, its much more fin that way. - I completely agree with your view of fun pvp over all out pvp.
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