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  1. Updated the Original Post with lots of new information about the server and just made it look a lot nicer :D
  2. The website www.thetekkit.enjin.com got a new shopping system for donations so when you donate you get yours ranks and items instantly!(may still have a few bugs) Also we are having our first spleef tournament this weekend. The prize is a few diamonds (10), bragging rights and you get to have the Tower of Pimps in front of your house until the next tournament. We have also constructed a Party Room at spawn as a random event. Items drop, you trade them in (or keep them) and you get a reward.
  3. Server Website got a massive upgrade! Ranks from the server now transfer onto the website! We also got a Mumble server!
  4. Spleef tournament this weekend! Sign up for the tourny at www.thetekkit.enjin.com !
  5. Sorry this has taken so long! Haven't been getting many apps lately You have been added though! Welcome to TheTekkit! Also as a general update for everybody. The new spleef arena is finished!
  6. Jobs has been removed! It caused a lot of problems for the server. Currently looking for an alternative for Jobs.
  7. New update! We got MCMMO! It gives the players more reason to keep playing as it gives them a goal to level up! No longer will you be bored!
  8. It says she needs that mod cause we were on 3.1.1 Tekkit server but we updated so it should be fine now added
  9. pretty sure no griefing was done with the tnt cannon though. It wasnt even pointed towards your base
  10. sigh. We have had soo many hardships during this match but i think we finally managed to pull it together. Got lots of stuff now!
  11. Thanks Potato! That means a lot that you would do that! The rest of my team might have quit by now but I'm determined to see this through! <3 EDIT: Nevermind seeing it through! Some one on the team decided to go into the dark room with a creeper. Trans table blew up and went to the void. Pissed off now.
  12. agreed with bwb this playthrough right now wasnt very good and by now the other team is hours ahead. We will never make a comeback now. Although I would like to say I did figure out how to make redstone. I don't want to give up but from all the supplies and time we lost I think we might have to. I hate being a quitter. If you'll let us play another match with different team members I think we might stand a chance though
  13. neko would you mind coming to help me? I've been looking how to make redstone all morning and im by myself :(
  14. k I wanna keep playing but seriously I don't think there is another way to get redstone
  15. bwb you better got on here now! I got you your 3 diamonds and transmutation table.
  16. i have no idea how to get redstone though. None of the team members do either
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