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  1. I lost 17 diamonds, 122 iron, 35 gold, a full set of Power armor, 55 silver, 1 Rift Blade, and about a stack of wiring. I just got on and noticed all my missing things. So if, and when, it is convenient for you, please refund me those things. -Also 2 stacks of coal, sorry
  2. Minecraft IGN: c4mormon Age: 19 Gender: Male Location: The F***ing Moon Why do I want to play on T4? I am looking through the server lists and this one appealed to me the most of them all. This seems safe and a good place to spend most of my time in Minecraft. Describe your experiences in Minecraft, in particular modded servers: I have played Minecraft ever since per-beta and have played tekkit servers ever since the Yogscast did their first Tekkit video and the server that I would play on is currently moving to a different platform.
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