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  1. – Age- I am 14 – Explain your meaning of fun griefing- My meaning of fun griefing is when you have fun at war with another person, and having fun playing and enjoying the game!!. – Why do you wanna join? I like servers with very little people for less (LAG!!!) and not the huge servers that have alot of lag and you cant enjoy your time playing the game without being killed also. But, I like to work with other people and i love the game. IGN- Cody_1664
  2. -age- Im 14. -timezone and country of residence- im in Eastern time zone (Ohio). -experience with minecraft/voltz- I have been playing Minecraft since 2010 when Minecraft had first started getting reconized. -what attracts you to my idea/server- Im attracted to your Idead/Server because i hate being on normal (no whitelist) servers because everybody is too mean. -are you willing to group up with others or me or are you a lone wolf- Im willing to group up, But, if nobody wants to group up then i guess im a lone wolf . -do you think that you understand my views about the difference between stupid grief and just fun pvp?- YES I agree with you about that Its not Grief, Like there is no I in Team haha:). -Thanks Cody_1664 Thank you for the chance.
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