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  1. It wont let me into the server is says i am missing some items
  2. -Age-16 - Explain your meaning of fun griefing - My meaning to or fun of griefing is when you desire to have a little fun on some one who you or will love to get pay back for what they did or done to you. Plus adding to that it is because when you mean to grief you mean to cause a war with an other faction that is dedicated that you hate them and they hate you so in the case that also it is fun griefing cause it makes you happy in the case that it puts a smile to your face and makes you think that you got some pay back on what they had done to you or your base. To now that is what i think about in the case of fun griefing. - Why do you wanna join? - I would love to join because in this case i had never been in a white listed server and mostly the one's i go on have to much players and adding to the case,to much hackers that simply love to find my base and take stuff and blame it on some one else who is un'guilty of there actions. So in this case i would love to join the server because i would love to meet some new people and love to play some minecraft with any one who love's to play it because what we know minecraft is just a game you can not resist to play even when you play other game's it just seems that minecraft is that game to play when you get bored and it cheers you up. So any more that is why i would love to join in this case because i love voltz and i am very tired of people hacking in my servers that i play on.
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