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  1. ign kahawkins age around 14 ign JACOB4855 age around 14 ign NATHAN75 AGE around 16 ign mkucz99chef age around 16 ign LFR2005 age 10 trust me is is a nice kid acks like a 15 year old on server ign tjcjdm age 15 I belive this is all on here
  2. I have made this post for a nother minecraft user so she can join she is from land of Eden she is a regular on there and wishes to join this server Your age15 Where you are from. Ohio Something about you (optional). She is asom and good Why you want to join the server (optional)bro work along side me and play on mod pack Her ign wolfgirl4855
  3. Your age 15 Where you are from usa Something about you (optional). Im a man Why you want to join the server (optional). Best tekkit server i have ever ben on one reson because they put up with me lol Ign 1998hotrod
  4. iv had the same experience except I run on pc iv got plenty of comput power with my 8 core processor and I do have latest java but it wont load it goes to where it the tektite launcher with the loading green bar under it tipe of screen and wont load it goes away and wont start up any advice ps my launcher is up to date
  5. hello i am alderdry witelisted and am happy in this server abd my frend wishes to join me so here is what he needs Age:15 IGN (In Game Name) TrevorMCM14 Why Do you want to Play on this Server? to play with his frends and all that jazz and he is a better speller than me What Do you want to Build? well he wants to buld alonge side me and do grate things together rick imo sed this was ok
  6. Age:15 IGN 1998hotrod Why Do you want to Play on this Server? because i like meating people making frends online frends that is and playing in a server where noobs dont destroy your fun and maby a little rp along the way What Do you want to Build?idk i <3 bulding so maby a lighthouse or a manchion or even a town for players and npc
  7. hay im an epic bulder and whould <3 to help bul spawn
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