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  1. Hello everyone, I have been playing BigDig for a while now and my world is quite advanced. I was mucking around with Logistics Pipes and Applied Energistics, and I placed down a basic logistics pipe connecting to an ME Interface. This crashed my world. Since then, whenever I load up my world, the game crashes (except if its paused, but immediately after I unpause it crashes). The error message I get is this: http://pastebin.com/PtNRXDx2 I cannot allocate more RAM to the launcher, as I am running on 32-bit Windows 7. I haven't seen a solution anywhere I have looked, but if anyone knows of one it would be great if they could tell me ^^. I have not edited the pack in any way, and have never had a problem like this before, I am not using a texturepack if that's any use... Because the texture pack out there causes a whitescreen when I launch the pack. I have tried removing the player data file and starting it, and resetting the pack to no avail. If you need any further details please ask.
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