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  1. Krypt i got greifed pretty damn bad, can you take a look at it?
  2. when will server be back up? currently monday and thought it was supposed to be up by sunday.
  3. In Game Name: Tealke5232 Age: 15 Country/Timezone: USA (California) How good is your English?: Perfect Any previous experience as staff : once, for a minecraft server , forgot same , doubt its still up, was mod Why you want to be Staff: i want to be staff so that i can support other players while playing the game Why we should choose you (In 50 words): You should choose me sense i am an experienced player, im great at building large redstone projects, kind to others, im great at designing Large buildings or works of art. Time you can spend on server and how long you have been playing: 3 weeks on this server, 4-6 hours a day Have you been banned before? If so, why?: No Can anyone vouch for you to be a good staff member? If so, please list their usernames.: Kickking Sam_Hen Ember_Spear Are there any other ways to contact you: Cell phone ( will tell when excepted) and Email ( also will tell if excepted)
  4. so far ive tried for about an hour to launch tekkit lite from the technic launcher (253) and i keep on being informed that " Error retrieving information for selected pack : tekkitlite" could use help. so far ive dissabled my firewall, delete the folder. Also im on a Mac
  5. Name: Taylor IGN: Tealke5232 Age: 15 Preffered mod : industrial craft No bans at all
  6. If this is a private server please let me join, IGN Tealke5232
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