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  1. The Server is down until I get a RAM and Processor Upgrade guys, sorry. I will update you guys later if the server is back up. This is a HOME ran server, not a Online server that I pay for.
  2. I need a RAM upgrade before I can host again, I am only running with 4G, and Tekkit Lite Server eats RAM like candy even when set to 2G, and since I am running this on my Home PC I can not have it running 24/7 like I can Vanilla/Bukkit 1.6.2 Minecraft Server, as it only uses 1G and does not go over 1G... also Tekkit Lite eats up my CPU % and that is not good, CPU use should not be high when server is Idle. Its the Chunk Loaders, anything that is loading chunks on the server. If you IM me, or contact me privately I will be glad to share server files, so you can continue your work or even host
  3. to get on my server currently you need Minecraft 1.6.2 as thats what I am currently running for testing That is do not run Tekkit Lite, run the Regular Minecraft Launcher
  4. Ok guys, I been having some ram issues, and want to test vanilla Minecraft 1.6.2 for a little bit to see how it runs... to see if there is still a ram issue like in tekkit lite, you all are welcome to come play, even other players, I am just leaving it open to see how it holds up. I will be doing this for awhile and monitoring how well it runs, CPU usage, and Ram usage... do not worry files for the server are safe, nothing is lost, and I will possibly have it back up if I feel that my system can handle it. At first I thought it might of been Dynmap, but its unusual that my server is eating
  5. hey mikeprimm is there a better cave view than stdtexture-cave? It seems to block a lot of areas I want to see in my one sky castle map in dynmap... also hires is not really hires even with boostzoom 2... the textures look blocky still even after setting the boostzoom to 2, same with surface view, the only view is the flat view that is showing up hires compared to before. Any ideas? Edit: Nevermind I think I got the hires thing fixed... however the cave thing still needs to be better, or at least some way to hide certain blocks... I tried to hide blocks but it did not work. Anyways, I also
  6. You all have been added, plus I added others that had been on the server before the whitelist came back up... Also, while the server may have 10 slots, it actually has 11, but the 11th is for me.... if you're on the server and there is 11 online and I am not online, you may get kicked to let me on...
  7. sorry AskingZackyxX I had someone banned who aparently shared your ip address earlier around the time of your posting, and it caused a chain re-action of players getting banned, so I had to unban like 10+ people to fix it.
  8. No more requests is required, the server is open now! New changes have been made, the server now has auto-save, auto-backup, and a few items are banned and not craft-able or not usable, these are the Mining Laser (Had been giving problems to my users in the past, and CoreProtect will not undo the damage, they had to be banned and disabled), LV, MV, HV, Solar Arrays (These from my own experience of using them have been a pain and thorn in my servers side, they have been causing TPS drops, and worse when not connected correctly e.g. *Glass Fiber Cables connected between Solar Panel to MFSU i
  9. This does not work for my server... the Solar Panels, Wind Mill, and Water Mill still produce 1 - 2 EU per Tick
  10. Guys the server is back up, it has been up, so the people who played on my server you can come back, if you would like to. I apologize for lagging the server, come to find out it was my fault the TPS dropped most of the time, I now have a new ME System Factory which lags a lot near it, but I placed a terminal for it at spawn for anyone to use with less lag, I will be removing the factories at spawn soon, and I removed 95% of all factories and generators at Free City as they are no longer needed and caused massive amounts of lag. If you come back you will notice Free City has less lag, on my sy
  11. No, I have over 11+ Pages worth of Patterns now, and there are not problems what so ever with crafting, just the power armor and tool stuff
  12. I made like 9 pages of crafting recipes, and most work fine, except the power tool, and armor sets.... Anyone know why the power armor and tool will not craft in my ME Crafting System? I even tried restarting my server to see if it would resolve the issue, but it does not complain of missing resources, it just sits there, and not allow me to auto-craft with the ME System at all.
  13. chewyjews07 its says cant reach server for a while now

  14. We will not be accepting anymore at this time, thanks to the people and this forum for all the support, hope all you guys on my server have fun, again I will not be accepting anymore apps, and chewyjews07 you already been added, welcome to the server.
  15. ok skeletonkilla and JoeDolca you have been added, thanks for joining, free stuff is at spawn, and rules at spawn... need any help ask others if I am not there, they will show you where the free stuff is at spawn and place to process ores, and rubber and such. Please respect others, and thanks again! Enjoy!
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