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  1. This server is active and growing. The server reminds me of an old Tekkit server that deals with town. And, that's why I am playing this modpack. At the moment, the server is tweaking itself. See you on the server!
  2. Age: 29 IGN: Bopkasen Why Do you want to Play on this Server? The benefit of learning the new Tekkit after been away from Minecraft for couple of months. What Do you want to Build? Only legal and allowed item to use for building, trading, and interacting.
  3. I used 1.3.9 but still can't connect dues to Item ID mismatch?
  4. Age: 29 IGN: Bopkasen Timezone: Central Savings Time Why do you want to play on the server?: Less laggy server, PvP, large population, and ability to grief legally/legitly of course to other enemies/rival factions.
  5. UPDATE March 25. 2013 From Moderator Bopkasen: Voltz Version 1.0.11 Admin Shop offering several items including Voltz. Few Banned Items, Tinker Table, Energy Cube, Adv. Solar, and Crate because they all have dupe glitch. World Anchor allowed but use at your own risk! This server offered Uranium at the admin shop inspite of lack of Uranium in Volt Version 1.0.11. MFFS is enabled and allowed on this server. This is a 100% grief and PVP server. Please watch your back! Faction plugin installed. You can claim your land and use /f home to warp to your faction home. Download the new version of Technic Launcher and click on the icon on Voltz modpack to change it to Recommended Build then click Save. There is a new Voltz availabe, would you like to update? Click yes! The server is running Version 1.0.11 after rolling back from the previous latest version that cause nothing but a nightmare for players. We are currently operating above 50 players (up to 100 Slots Maximum), but we are seeking more players to fill in the rest of our empty slots. Our maximum slots are at 100. If you are looking for a Voltz server with a recommended version, our server is available at Again, the Voltz server address is
  6. It isn't the server fault because they are running Version 11 while Version 13 is bugged as a "no way to return if you leave" or the "buggiest version". But, Cammy warned servers on recommended server list NOT to advertise on other server or he would remove the representating spammer's server from the recommended list. While I was playing on one server, have a staff that I know from recommended server spamming "Download this version.... " over 3 times. It was nothing but an attempt to bring people into their server because Version 12 works. The staffs should worry more about fixing and improving their server, such as banning Xrayer instead of giving amnesty for xraying, rather than spamming like a spammer. If I donated lot of money to the server, I expect that the staffs should respect the server that I donated. They probably have a problem if I go spam on their server. Just saying... The bottomline is, STAFFS, DON'T SPAM ON OTHER RECOMMENDED SERVER!
  7. Bopkasen

    Worst modpack wikis ever?

    Today, I just edited the Heat Generator page in Voltz wiki something that most people like myself over-look. You can increase your Heat Generator up to 400 watts *restriction applied.
  8. Bopkasen

    [V 1.0.11]Just Voltz [Pvp][40 slots][25 gigs]

    Update: People are dividing up. Stolen goods are mostly recovered. Few thieves learn their lesson about stealing. Workers are being hired to work with Panda911, now closed position. If you are interested to start out in a wonderful server that doesn't lag compared to popular recommended Voltz server, please head to this server to get familiar with Voltz. Lag is the common problem with Voltz servers. Please don't take my word for it. Try it! Please don't beg for things or complain about lack of tree. There are plenty of tree outside the spawn area. lol It is interesting to note that this Voltz server maintain its lightest system memory resource within 25gb system memory. No need for Bukkit, just learn to survive the Vanilla Minecraft way! Also, while you are playing on the server, Panda911 own a private shop and can trade items for hydrogen, uranium, and etc. Economy can be loose but worth trading in the semi-anarchist world.
  9. First, I would like to see this ------> Disable Assembly Line mod to see if the server's performance improve
  10. What version number? Don't you know how to abide to the forum's culture? READ the sticky FIRST before posting!
  11. You should use the Option setting and select Manual then select "latest" or the highest version number available and slowly click ok. When logging in, if you see Update Available, click yes to update if not close and start over. This can pass the update inspection once awhile.
  12. We are still currently waiting for disabling the Assembly Line mod to see if the server's performance improve. No action have been made after it was reported.
  13. Bopkasen

    [V 1.0.11]Just Voltz [Pvp][40 slots][25 gigs]

    This server doesn't lag and out perform most recommended server, including block lag test. However, there are some mod flaws that lag the server to disconnection. For a server with less system memory and run with no lag is extraordinary. This server is vanilla as it can be with no plugin. Please treat this server as a hardcore survival mode or a challenge without using /tp or /sethome command available. FYI! Please note that Panda911 maybe the "owner" even though he denied inspite possessing infinte battery that can only be spawn in but know that he won't grief you unless you grief or steal from him. If you trade with him, you can get cool things. If you want to grief and steal, the're players to do so.
  14. How many donator will the split the $150 cost? I could donate $60 but that only if other donators will donate too.
  15. Please let us know how much donation is needed for Hex Core server with 96GB ram.