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  1. This server is active and growing. The server reminds me of an old Tekkit server that deals with town. And, that's why I am playing this modpack. At the moment, the server is tweaking itself. See you on the server!
  2. I went on the server. But, I was shocked at how many banned items were banned. Heck, I knew a big Towny server that have few banned items and gave permission to "Trusted" rank to use items that were banned. Half of the modpack is banned. What the point playing Tekkit if you playing 50% of the modpack items? Of course, you may blame the modpack items, but there are responsibility that you should have taken to avoid banning items.
  3. Flattronez, someone took etheral bloom from Delta dome in Echo whitelisted server while other reported missing cobalt liquid. Please investigate and refund the missing etheral bloom. You can't play if people keep taking ethereal bloom.
  4. gn(In game name): Bopkasen Age: 30 Where are you from?: Near Chicago What do you like to build?:High tech stuff and defensive structure What do you like to do mostly (Example:Miner, Engineer, Builder, etc)?: All of these above Why do you want to play on this server? Don't even knows what in the modpack. Can you clarify that? Do you have Teamspeak? Yes
  5. Username: Bopkasen Name (optional): Hobbies (both on and off minecraft): Computer Repair and Taking Care of Loved one What are you looking for in a server: Tech and some people Why you think we would be a good fit: Helpful to modpack items Update: Block delay server. No server restart is causing this while people are allowed to run chunkloader. I'll try what I can but don't think I can get much building done on the server.
  6. Whitelist doesn't stop server grief. It annoys people, like me from testing to see if the server is an up and up. And, please don't call people idiot or insult people. This is not an English 101 Composition class. This thread is about the server information and not a flame war fest.
  7. And, people donate $90 for owning their own world that noone but the person who donated get to build 1,000 antimatter so that they can let off antimatter at every people's claim block in normal world. Nice pay to win system! But, hey, BlackGears owner must be hungry, so he want to hijack someone's server thread to get someone to give him some money.
  8. Can't grief town but can raid enemies town? When I login, it took 3-5 secs because the server is trying to put me on ground level. Sorry, no thank to this server.
  9. Age: 29 IGN: Bopkasen Why Do you want to Play on this Server? The benefit of learning the new Tekkit after been away from Minecraft for couple of months. What Do you want to Build? Only legal and allowed item to use for building, trading, and interacting.
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