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  1. Here's a nicely compiled set of working textures for Sphax 128x. This has been tested with Hexxit v1.0.7 and works like a charm. Unfotunately it's missing some things though: ExtraBiomesXL Hexxit gear Chococraft Better Storage More Bows (And some other small things) BUT mostly complete! NOTICE: I take no credit for any of the textures in this pack, only compiling it. Download it here. If anyone finds working sphax textures that I've missed out (Must be compatible with the lastest recommended version of Hexxit) then please pm me or comment! Will be updated as soon as people find resources for me! (I'm really lazy)
  2. There's mine here:https://mega.co.nz/#!jAlRyLaD!KySmzRmTioWE4vFoJUFMkmtx9xdldSq9_J41dFoD36U Missing some stuff but is totally stable with Hexxit version 1.0.7 Just extract this into the 128x Sphax Bdcraft zip.
  3. Sorry I'm kinda new to the whole modded server thing. Re-downloaded the server files but the error still occurs. The log I looked at doesn't seem very helpful for the CodeChickenCore error but here it is: link. Anyone getting the CodeChickenCore version error can fix this by NOT copying the files into the old server folder. One of the old 1.5.1 minecraft files must be telling the console a lie! Sorry for the confusion caused by loads of posts and lack of information :/. Here is the log: link
  4. Same here. Upon launching and downloading all the files up to CodeChickenCore everything works fine. Then a wild error message appears out of the black saying: "This version of CodeChickenCore does not support minecraft version 1.5.2 Remove it from your coremods folder and check here for updates" Checked the update link and downloaded the latest CodeChickenCore file and put it in my Coremods folder. Still gave the same error message. No error code or log i'm afraid .
  5. Downloaded the server. Files from files.minecraftforge.net couldn't download since the website seems to be down. Could the files be moved possibly or do I just wait for the website to re-surface? Loving the update on singleplayer! Scratch that^^^ minecraftforge.net back up
  6. Seems a underpopulated by links? Oh no sorry. My IE hadn't loaded the link. Thanks!
  7. Hi all! I was wondering if anyone else had a problem with buckets not being deployed on water and instead being dropped (Not a dropper). I'm on the recommended Tekkit Main 1.0.6. Is there a new block that acts the same (think redpower deployer)?
  8. The fuzzy bus is what I needed it turns out. Also sounds like I was on the recommended build that didn't have the ME crafting update. Thanks everyone! Modular Powersuits still can't hold enchantments but that's okay since they're pretty OP anyway.
  9. Applied Energistics and Modular Powersuits have been behaving weirdly for me. AE buses can't deal with the charges on the Modular Powersuit parts and can't craft TE Redstone Energy Cells. Modular Powersuits can't seem to hold their enchantments either (probably also because of the charge on them). Any thoughts people?
  10. Check me out at www.youtube.com/rantandslander