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  1. team up on what ? send the what ?
  2. In fact, I think the crop system was too much hard and complicated to be fun.
  3. Je parle français, oui (je suis français :P)

    c'est une langue le québécois ?

  4. That mod is quite cheap, and not balanced at all. I doubt it'll be released on the platform. I'll stick with a Galacticraft update, maybe the coming of the new planets & stuff in tekkit. (even if the red ranger/lego batman thing has nothing to do with galacticraft)
  5. Red superman with a thing in his hand ?
  6. le québec c'est marrant

  7. This alphabet reminds me of the alpha ruins in pokemon crystal. EDIT: So, is each letter linked to a number ? Maybe the "H" are useless. HMMMMMMMMM
  8. A countdown ? Looks more like Hebrew or something to me.
  9. Taint corruption was a such really interesting concept, but damn that was messy.
  10. The main things I miss from IC2 are booze barrels and coffee. That was so cool.
  11. What would you do with so much dexterity ? ¬.¬
  12. Koalas are the main cause of death in australia. I wish for the peace in the world i had lut of money
  13. No seriously, i'm also petty sure that it's the new Galacticraft update coming soon in tekkit.
  14. If you combine the three constellations, it's obviously an illuminati symbol #plot #North Korea
  15. *Post left so it doesn't look like Kiwi is triple-posting*
  16. Try Good Morning craft, it's a very nice one and doesnt require patching. It's only for vanilla objects but it fits well with other stuff.
  17. It's not a mod, it's the world generation settings who have been edited to increase the ores spawn ratio.