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  1. Gen, I would be willing to step up as an admin. Now that Not Co is in ruins I will be entirely devoted to the server. I love your server Gen and I would love to be able to improve it with you. K
  2. I would love to register in advance. So here it is. IGN: HGW10 Real Name:Joseph/Joe About me: Well, I am currently modding on mc-halo and genericland and also administrating on terratekkit. I love tekkit, specialise in industrialcraft2 and would love to mod/admin/join your server. Time Zone: GMT First Language: English What I Want: I don't really understand you by this but I think that mining lasers, nukes and various other items should be banned. I also would like the golden shovel claim plugin thing. YouTube: Yes and I would be happy to film if you could recommend any good screen recorders at a low price. My computer has 32 bit java. Hop to see you soon HGW
  3. it was up just now and I was on. Then angryemu joined and I was kicked for javanetsocket thing
  4. Listen high and Nevada the forum is not a place for arguments. The forums is for contacting if there are any errors not Insulting people. Also thanks gen
  5. Xjefafax raven did not intend to destroy the railway. I am sure that he will help you and I will also.
  6. Madert is terrorising GenericLand! We must tell GenericTag and Rise up as One! We will bring back Hunan7 un mute john and solve the things madert did!
  7. I knew that madert was a griefer, thatll explain the hole
  8. WHAT madert got admin!!!!!!! he was a mod!
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