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  1. Updated for the new pack with the removal of GregTech Please come join us. We listen to our community and if theres something you want in our pack, we will try get it
  2. Hello I am Mainesi, I help run a new server community that has rose from the ashes of two communities whose servers have died or ran into problems. Some MineTek and All TekkitGlobal staff have merged to form Just-R. We are currently minecraft based but have ties to other games like ESO, Battlefield, Space Engineers and WildStar The Minecraft server has many tiers of technology and machines as well as many forms of decoration blocks to build with. We have just added Simply Jetpacks and replaced Rouge Dungeons with Better Dungeons (ChocoCraft) as seen in the current Yogscast Pack. The server is fully PVP and we welcome new players to come join us. We would like to invite you to come join our community via TeamSpeak and our website YouTube Let's Play Playlist:
  3. In game name: mainesi Age: 28 Location: Liverpool Are you currently banned from any servers?: nope Minecraft experience to date: played on few had a few single player run throughs A short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to play on our server: this server looks very professional and well layed out. cares more for the users than messing about. i like to build and invent new ways to play. would love to join this great community
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