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  1. Oh, right. you told me about that... derp. Could you post here when it's done? Thx.
  2. Is the server down? I can't connect ingame, to the dynmap or teamspeak...
  3. Minecraft IGN: Tyrope Age: 21 (almost 22) Gender: Male, last time I checked anyway. Location: The Nether(lands) Why do you want to play on T4?:Your rules and general feel of the OP makes me think I'll fit right in.. Plus.. spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaceeeeee... Describe your past experiences in Minecraft, in particular modded servers: I run a FTB server on the DW20 pack, have played (mostly modded) minecraft since before tekkit was a thing, in the good ol' 'extract jar, copy files, zip up jar' time.