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  1. 1.2.5 is not intended for forge but modloader;however, forge related issues go in the forge forums http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/
  2. Oh my it looks like the wall of shame! That is the tone I was looking for ^ that is a good post that is actually useful with words I can understand and a clear, friendly message. Thank You. I might had messed up with that joke and get what you all say in the past 5 pages. It felt like an overwhelming handegg game to deal with a lot of moderators at the same time with accusing tones and aggresive behaviors. You should had started with a post like this!
  3. Its not overused? also I dont believe that I am familiar with this "Whale Box"
  4. ^ Butt kisser over here. What are you trying to do? Who are you trying to impress?
  5. "image" nevermind that, beaten to death joke, I was hoping to revive it and added some extras so technically the entire sentence is the joke not just those 3 words.
  6. Maybe but, its humor. Insult humor exists and there is no rule against it. Be respectful does not even fall for this because it was a joke and you mods cant take it only because you guys dont like overused jokes. Neo said people wont "tolerate" this but what do you expect from a community open to EVERYONE in the internet?
  7. I thought you had good sense of humor,you cant laugh at an overused and awkward joke?or as Neo said you wont "tolerate" it? Be more open to jokes I cant wait to see other posts and see countles your mom jokes and you guys not even caring why care about this one?
  8. Learn what? stop expecting me to know what you are thinking!
  9. YES I get it but I am pointing out that you are saying that I took the alcoholic beverage in the first place! I never did! It is like if I was just sitting there and the guy just comes out of nowhere to say that drinking at minor ages is illegal.
  10. "Remember, the moderators aren't here to serve you. We're here to enforce the rules." You dont say, you guys are just here to bother people its been 3 pages since this post stopped being useful over 1 sentence! I dont even know how to make quotes
  11. "good sense of humor" your analogy was representing a similar case that was not similar at all
  12. NO! I was talking about the other post I made after!
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