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  1. Who are you?FatherOfSniping_ *Where are you from?Illinois USA *How old are you?20 *Why do you want to play on our server?looking for a good bteam server and this seems promising *What do you think you can offer our server?alot of time and work *Who was your favorite power ranger?red one cant remember the name sadly
  2. mine seems to keep replacing the right forge files with the wrong ones
  3. mine seems to keep replacing the right forge files with the wrong ones
  4. its not working for me it just takes me back to the launcher
  5. well ima do some work and see if i can get it to work and if i do ill let you know
  6. im currently unsure if this issue is tekkit or the launcher but i keep updating to this and for some reason it install a newer version of the forge multipart instead of the forge multipart version which is required to play on the server im on
  7. as i said im doing video stuff in the background which is taking up a ton of resources atm
  8. well you see with the limited CPU power i have I don’t want to be stressing my comp more than i have to except for doing videos that’s actually worth it and my phone auto compresses it for youtube so it was a much faster means of getting it out of my way because im not losing this And I need to be careful with what i do my actually gaming laptop im looking into is about 1.1k that’s a long way away so I don’t need this one breaking down till then and even after wards as this will become a video editing laptop and a backup for them
  9. So this is the link to that video keep in mind I am doing some video work since I need to start putting videos out again but I believe this all the proof I need https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhpM8CTnUJo&feature=youtu.be
  10. well if you dont believe me you dont have to i will take a pic and show you oh and a few notes im not using optifine this is attack of the b team (cannot install tekkit because i dont know if its a luncher bug or tekkit bug) just for kicks i decided to tone down my battery power to balanced or better yet i am a youtuber on this lovely computer. i will take a video and i will give u a link
  11. yes thats what happens when u dont pay attention in school
  12. SwordOfSkorm


    i have an issue as well but i cant make a post so i will reply here im not sure if this is a tekkit bug or launcher bug but when install tekkit 1.2.5 it misses files or adds more mod then needed i asked a friend how much mods his tekkit has he said 94 i look at mine i have 104 mods downloaded i dont have anti virus program im using linux ubuntu 13.02 LTS
  13. but may i mind u if ur new to linux like me u will have the hardest of times making stuff work
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