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  1. Again we're in the process of fixing it so that it stays up and doesn't go down. We're making progress however, it's just pretty vast, time consuming and complex. We thank you for your patience. Ollie
  2. The servers core mods have been corrupted for some reason. We're working on fixing it and backing up the save so that the world wont get cleaned and we lose everything but that may be a possibility. The earliest it could be up is going to be about saturday evening as we moderators are finding it hard to deal with. We will get back to everyone as soon as possible, but we would appreciate a little co-operation and not moaning on the forums when the server has some well needed down time. If we were to rush to get it back up, we risk losing the world, which we do not want. Thanks in advance MCHones TekkitCraft Moderating Team
  3. For anyone reading this, the server will be taking some down time from now 3am GMT for about 7 hours because it needs tending to. I will post again when it is back up and running at full capacity.
  4. To know why you were banned and who banned you we need your minecraft name.
  5. I would say saying the 'N' word could be racist, so well done on that one Helltrooper. It helps to get the facts right before you wrongly start bashing moderators for actually doing their job.
  6. I think it was abut time the server became white listed. Makes it more secure and it is a good server. I have been greifed once but it was quickly resolved by the admins. Now this can stop that. Again I highly recommend this server
  7. On another point, do you know when the server is going to be back up? It may be up now and maybe it's my end that's the trouble but if it isn't then i'd like to know so that I don't have to worry about me messing up my router settings trying to get port forwarding to work. Cheers cap
  8. Helltrooper I was there when he was banned. He was being rude and racist. I can only assume there are a mix of cultures on this server and so to be respectful to all is part of the rules. Your friend got banned for being an arse and I totally supported it. Great server, lots of fun and some good players on here too willing to help out anyone with a question.
  9. IGN: MCHones Age: 18 Reason For Applying: Looking for a reliable and well put together server Have You Ever Been Banned? If Yes Why: No I have not Build Style: I usually build in the style of small but effective workshops usually out of wood filled with complex machinery and hidden wires, but I am looking into build styles for castles and other such things. Also, forestry caught my eye and I am currently learning up about that. I am also going to at some point do some guides for Tekkit and post them to youtube so if your server is good, I can do that on this server and include you in the description. Cheers mate Ollie
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