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  1. Kenjico, have you missed my application? It is directly above ranson42's application. Thank you. Edit: Also, BrillexMC has an application right above mine. I think you have missed his/hers as well.
  2. Justvb, thats probably a grief prevention pugin doing that. My guess would be ask an admin to do it for you.
  3. IGN: supermicky97 Age: 16 Location: United States Minecraft Experience: I have been playing Minecraft since the release of 1.7.3, and playing modpacks for about 8 months. I took a break from them and started playing single player vanilla, but when I saw all these new additions to the Technic modpack, I decided to try them. I really enjoy Big Dig and would love to play on a server like this one. This server is especially appealing to me because it is a whitelist server. I don't usually play multiplayer, simply because most people on the non-whitelist servers are very obnoxious and there is always the constant worry that your creations will be griefed the next time you log in. I would love to get back into multiplayer, especially in a small community like this. While I am not the most talkative person, I think I will fit in well on this server. Thank you for your consideration.
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