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  1. Server is down because of a DDos attack on our host, will be back up shortly!
  2. All added Just a heads up, it seems our host is having a few issues, but they should be resolved within a few hours. The game's running fine, it's just an issue with the auto restarting
  3. All added, enjoy! Also socialaztec I look forward to playing with you!
  4. Kenjico's Hexxit Server! Casa De Kenjico A little bit about us... We started out as a "private" server, just for friends & family. The servers been running all sorts of mods / vanilla for nearly 2 years now. Very recently we were running the newest update of big dig, but due to how unstable this has become, we've decided to try something else in the mean time while they fix the issues over at the Big Dig mod pack! So come and give it a go with us! Information about our server... UK Based Server We've owned the server for nearly 2 years It's a dedicated server with 24/7 uptime White list is enabled (To prevent griefers) We don't run any additional plugins or mods, just standard Hexxit Server is 8 slots, but if we see increased interest in players we will increase this to suit Any changes to the server will be voted on by all players not just ruled by admins World is backed up twice a day The main players try to get on as much as we can, but due to work ect, it's not always possible! There are bugs! This is a new mod pack so don't expect 100% perfect gameplay Mods we've removed... Dimensional Doors - Because it's a shit mod and shouldn't be allowed to exist (Really lags the server to near crash) What we are looking for... We are looking for players who want to try out the new Hexxit mod and want to have fun. We're a close knit group of 4 - 5 players on a regular basis, and are looking for new people to join in the server and get on with everyone. Groups are welcome. You are welcome to join our town, if you want too just ask in-game for co-ords Server Rules... These are easy, we only follow 6 rules: 1 - Don't be an idiot 2 - Don't grief people 3 - The moon / space is no rules, enter at your own risk! 4 - Don't ruin other peoples stuffs, they will probably destroy you! 5 - Build wonderful shit 6 - Defend your lands however you see fit. Make sure your land is clearly marked however! Server Information... Server Applications To apply to play on our server, please either post on this thread or PM me with the following information, we will consider group applications as well as individuals, all will be considered. Other info... More information will be added along with screenshots, for now if you have any questions please feel free to contact me via PM on here. If you are banned from the server, PM me to appeal. This post will be updated with new stuffs/missing info over time.
  5. Tybeans, Eonlights17, Stanlehcopter and RobotDog, Welcome to the server! My only worry is that the server is UK based, and there seems to be a lot of US interest on the server. This may cause you some lag, but hopefully it shouldn't be an issue. Just also, a word of warning. We are awaiting big digs update to the latest version .13 when it's released. This should fix a lot of the issues currently in the mod pack!
  6. You've been whitelisted to the server, enjoy!

  7. The server is now back online, and everything sorted! Should be ALOT better now, we found the problem and fixed it.
  8. I'm having the exact same problem with my 8 Slot server, apart from mines not hosted locally it's hosted by a dedicated host (Multiplay). I've had no issues with any other mod pack apart from this update of Big Dig. I've got 2gb dedicated to server, and 4gb allocated to my MC and all of the players have pretty much the same set up as me. No idea why, been surfing through trying to find how to fix and your the first post I've seen with the same issue!
  9. We are experiencing some issues with world generation on the server, we're not sure whether it's Big Dig causing the issue or whether its the server. I'm looking into it now and hopefully I can fix it ! I will post update on here when I know what's going on.
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