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  1. IGN: Vanhealin Age: 20 Location: United States Modpack experience 1 to 10: 1 Building skills 1 to 10: 7-8 Why you?: Lookin for a good fun experience, I've tried aotbt for awhile and it seems rather fun. Don't want to have to worry about people griefin, so I'm lookin for a whitelisted server.
  2. You've been whitelisted to the server, enjoy!

  3. Vanhealin 19 Ohio, US Been playing minecraft for about a year or so, but I really started getting into it this year, vanilla wasn't for me after awhile. I've ran my own minecraft vanilla server for 6 months, but I got bored, and shut that down. I am currently admin at sombrerocraft. I've got some plugin and modding experience. (But I'm a computer hardware technician, programming isn't my forte.) Currently playing space tekkit 1.5.1, and I'm looking for A nice friendly big dig server to play around with =)
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