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  1. Server is down because of a DDos attack on our host, will be back up shortly!
  2. All added Just a heads up, it seems our host is having a few issues, but they should be resolved within a few hours. The game's running fine, it's just an issue with the auto restarting
  3. All added, enjoy! Also socialaztec I look forward to playing with you!
  4. Kenjico's Hexxit Server! Casa De Kenjico A little bit about us... We started out as a "private" server, just for friends & family. The servers been running all sorts of mods / vanilla for nearly 2 years now. Very recently we were running the newest update of big dig, but due to how unstable this has become, we've decided to try something else in the mean time while they fix the issues over at the Big Dig mod pack! So come and give it a go with us! Information about our server... UK Based Server We've owned the server for nearly 2 ye
  5. Tybeans, Eonlights17, Stanlehcopter and RobotDog, Welcome to the server! My only worry is that the server is UK based, and there seems to be a lot of US interest on the server. This may cause you some lag, but hopefully it shouldn't be an issue. Just also, a word of warning. We are awaiting big digs update to the latest version .13 when it's released. This should fix a lot of the issues currently in the mod pack!
  6. You've been whitelisted to the server, enjoy!

  7. The server is now back online, and everything sorted! Should be ALOT better now, we found the problem and fixed it.
  8. I'm having the exact same problem with my 8 Slot server, apart from mines not hosted locally it's hosted by a dedicated host (Multiplay). I've had no issues with any other mod pack apart from this update of Big Dig. I've got 2gb dedicated to server, and 4gb allocated to my MC and all of the players have pretty much the same set up as me. No idea why, been surfing through trying to find how to fix and your the first post I've seen with the same issue!
  9. We are experiencing some issues with world generation on the server, we're not sure whether it's Big Dig causing the issue or whether its the server. I'm looking into it now and hopefully I can fix it ! I will post update on here when I know what's going on.
  10. I believe I have! I'm so sorry! I've white listed you both and you should now be able to play :)
  11. ranson42, younghype101 & Lundsgaard 94 You've all been added See you soon!
  12. I've added you to the white list, you should now be able to join! Also, we do have a teamspeak server, but again it's low slots, and its a personal one, but if we get to know you enough we'll invite you in :)
  13. I've added you to the white list The only issue might be you may experience some lag, due to your location. But we'll just see how you get on with the server Enjoy!
  14. Added too, enjoy! P.S Your welcome to come build with us,
  15. You've been added, welcome :)

  16. Kenjico's Big Dig Server! Server Update: Read this post! Due to the instability of Big Dig, we've decided to close the server until a more stable build is released. To fill the gap until this happens, we've opted to testing the new Hexxit pack! We've got a post on the forums found here Anyone who was whitelisted on the Big Dig server will need to re-apply on the new post, however you will not have to provide a full blown application! Just let us know your name and we will add you. We hope to see you on Hexxit! Server Information...
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