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  1. the ones in the water are made from ice and clay i believe.
  2. I find myself glad that EE3 isnt in the mod, personal preferance but with that said you could always add it yourself assuming there's compatibility, i've already added a few mods into Hexxit such as Ars Magicka completing my world gen experience. EE3 makes it a little too easy to get loads of iron and other things, considering how easy it is to get gold and diamond right off the start, it would give you incredable access to gobs of iron, treecapitator makes it way to easy to get obsidian as well. Either way, personal preferance, I'd bet almost anything you could just drop the EE3 mod into
  3. I run a small server for my wife and 2 friends. The server is hosted locally on the PC that i use to play the game and to give a bit of backround, i have played FTB Ultimate and Mindcrack and other things while hosting, including the new Tekkit with no issues.. However, with BigDig i have an issue with exploration just killing the server. Not fast exploration either, or even running exploration for that matter, just walking. My wife and i both walking straight west looking for a nice meadow to start a new base caused the server to choke up severly several times, i'm talking 20-30 second
  4. Has the Vile Sword been removed from soul shards with its soul stealer enchantment? I am curious myself as i had intentions of using this later.
  5. I love how everyones solution to it is "build more then one" ... i mean, yeah i guess? That doesn't really solve my jetpack issue tho. Regardless, i didn't start this thread as a "Why don't you like IC2" and "Is IC2 better then BC?" ..... i started it because i saw some interest on this board in regards to IC2 so i thought there might be something i was overlooking in trying to get it to work, which apparently i was, thank you cantorsdust i will try that fix.
  6. Thank you but no, that is not in fact the case... It never ceases to amaze me how everyone thinks BC is better then IC2... for starting? yes i agree BC is preferable due to the extra ore you can receive ... Basically the ONLY reason i enjoy IC2 more then BC is because of induction furnace <Advanced machines> and the Jetpacks. I dislike the jetpacks from modular power suit and nothing will cook ore as fast as an induction furnace will...<in BC> How could someone possibly think that a Rotory Macerator Induction Furnace combo is not faster then anything TE or BC gives you, compl
  7. I realize that there is mixed opinions in tekkit in regards to IC2, i realize how the original creator has mysteriously dissapeared and someone else is now doing the updates to the mod... I realize that it was also recently dropped out of the Big Dig pack when 1.5.2 came out... However, i was curious if anyone has had any success with having it put into their pack on an individual level. IC2 Does have a 1.5.2 Release all of which being available here http://ic2api.player.to:8080/job/ic2_lf/ ... unless i'm mistaken. With all of that said i also apoligize for not using the search feature
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