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  1. I'm not sure if its just a bug or intended to soon be separate factories, but the Enriching and Crushing are not available and there is no way (from what I can tell) to change it. If anyone happens to know what the "I" and "O" with the arrows on the bottom-right side of the GUI of the Elite Factory means, that would be fantastic.
  2. So I'm playing on my brothers server and I'm building a 15x15x15 dynamic tank. Mind you, the same size worked on our previous world AS WELL AS in singleplayer. I create all the necessary components, blah blah blah, and when I have it finally built, it doesn't work. The multi-block doesn't form and it has no GUI. So I think to myself, "Okay, lets try SSP since for whatever reason it's not working now." So I go into single player and I build the IDENTICAL size tank. Nothing. I build a 14x14x14, it works and stores liquids and stays a multiblock. So I, after much frustration, decide to break down 2 walls and lower the ceiling of the SMP tank to make it a 14x14x14. I do so and it starts to work, so I get a moment of satisfaction. Then I break a glass and place another valve, and it breaks... again. And now it won't reconnect to itself, so I can never use it to store liquids. What I'm asking here, after you read my story, is if anyone else is having similar or identical problems. I've built 15x15x15 before, even uploaded a few pictures of its storage capacity to another thread, but now it seems its broken. And 14x14x14 SHOULD be working, but it's also broken now. Anyone know a simple solution or ran into the same or similar problem?
  3. After making your soul shard as mentioned above, simply hold it in your hotbar and begin killing monsters to fill them. Note: In BD 1.3.9, the "absorb" mechanic is broken, so put Soul Stealer V on your weapon of choice and hack away!
  4. Actually, TE machines all tell you their max input as well as how much is in the buffer; you can change where they AUTOMATICALLY output items, or where they accept items from; and it takes 48 MJ/t for a quarry to run at max speed. It's called a wiki, use it and flourish. And AE's ME network is far from "maintenance free". While making an ME drive with 10 64k storage blocks is quite powerful and damn near impossible to fill up, you can still fill it up. It requires constant power to use and the larger and more sophisticated networks require a great deal more power. And these "hurdles" are not real hurdles at all, merely stepping stones that all touch each-other. IC2 has fake difficulty; for example, you can just make solar panels, and with the Adv solar mod, you literally never need anything else for power. You can't do the same easy and infinitely renewable energy in any mod in the BD pack. The Voltz solars are actually quite weak, needing hundreds to successfully power a small operation. IC2 WAS a good mod, but the maintenance and lack of new and interesting features makes it lackluster at best. I don't hate or hate on people who like IC2, more power to you, what I dislike is people claiming that IC2 is somehow superior when it isn't.
  5. It's just the UE (Mekanism) cable. For some reason, it absorbs power even if there is nothing needing it.
  6. Have you tried completely deleting all your Technic related minecraft folders (or changing directory and re-downloading the launcher)? I had this problem once, and I believe I fixed it by doing a "fresh" install (changed folder locations and downloaded a new launcher).
  7. I just hooked up a redstone conduit to my ME system with no problems. Conduits have a small loss when using them, but it is not affect by distance. As well, the Ultimate Cube is equivalent to almost 2 REC, so the conversion is close to 1:10, from my experience. There is loss when you convert back from Voltz (Joules) to MJ (Minecraft Joules; BC Power) and when converting from MJ to Voltz, however the loss is less substantial when going from MJ to Voltz. One final note, Voltz production will never be anywhere close to decent MJ production, so storing your power in Ultimate Cubes is better, however power generation should come from TE or Forestry.
  8. Yeah, it was weird. Last night, I couldn't get any mod-added enchants into books, now I can freely add all of them to my books. Just threw Soul Stealer III on my Diamond Sword with Sharpness V, Looting III, Unbreaking III and Fire Aspect II.
  9. I used 7zip. Make sure you follow the instructions precisely, or you could run into problems. Installed the D3 ultra just recently, manually, and have had no troubles since.
  10. Hmm... BD 1.3.9 doesn't allow for Enchanting+ to put Soul Stealer on without doing vanilla mechanics to get the book, or so my experience as been so far. The only enchantments I get on a vanilla diamond sword are Knockback, Bane, Smite, Sharpness, Looting and Fire Aspect. However, if I can get the Soul Stealer enchant on a book, I will keep trying. Thanks for the responses.
  11. Only works if you have OP as far as I am aware. (I, personally, have never had it work in SMP. Has worked fine in SSP in the past.)
  12. I'll have to try that. I'm gonna throw an early-bird prediction and say it doesn't work, but I'll try it tomorrow.
  13. Read my post, thanks. Useless posts are great and all, but they're not helpful. I play on a server where I do not have OP, so I can't cheat it in, otherwise I would. I'd do a fair trade of something like a stack of diamonds for it. However, if anyone happens to know a way to either speed up soul gathering OR collect spawners, that'd be fucking amazing. Seriously.
  14. If anyone has or is using soul shards, how do I manipulate the spawners to feed the soul shard? I've tried right-clicking with it in hand, destroying the spawner with it on my quickbar, and so far, to no avail. If possible, I wouldn't like to repeat my last go at making a max level spawner, which took a literal 1024 kills to get. (If there is a recipe for the "sword" that -should- be in the pack, that would be helpful as well) Any help would be kind, and I thank ye for the responses. To clarify, I'm trying to destroy/absorb ALREADY EXISTING SPAWNERS to feed MY shard. Previous versions that I've used have done either +1 tier per spawner or +200 souls per spawner, either way allowing for a much faster collection of said souls. Edit: I'm on BD 1.3.9, MC 1.5.2
  15. Just use the Optifine version for your version of Minecraft. If you're running MC 1.5.2 then get the Optifine version for MC 1.5.2. Link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/249637-152-optifine-hd-d3-fps-boost-hd-textures-aa-af-and-much-more/ I currently run Ultra, because I like to customize my specs to be high performance while maintaining good looks.
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