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  1. Here's the description of Hexxit Gear from the Readme:
  2. I love the image displayed in the launcher.
  3. Got it sct, thanks. Maiden, people there are more concerned about summerfags as of late. And to get us back on topic- I'm wondering why Hexxit has the Flesh to Leather mod. Pam's Simple Recipes includes the same recipe, and more.
  4. Yea, I'm seeing that now. But I did make a terrible impression there, next time I'll learn not to skim over replies. And guys, "newfag" isn't really that derogatory, I just have to take the time to learn the ropes of this seriuz community.
  5. Oh, trust me, I get it. I just didn't catch that dwwojcik's reply was sarcasm. As for the joining today, I've been lurking these forums since the latest Big Dig update. I just didn't have the desire to reply until now. Anyways, can't wait to play Hexxit. I'm curious to see how the BattleTowers and whatnot are configured.
  6. I'm pretty disappointed at the response to this list. A large modpack producer puts in loads of time, effort, and hopefully planning, to make a nice, themed pack, and immediately people ask for the same old thing and threaten to halt their support if they don't get what they think they want. Tekkit devs, I can't wait to see how the dungeon mods, Zulu, HC, EBXL, and others' worldgen work together. I might add BoP and HungerOverhaul to my own setup out of favouritism, unless some reason halts me. Either way, major props guys, and I can't wait to play. Please don't give in to the pressure fro
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