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  1. Version 0.1 was published, it features a new build selection progress (thanks to Plowman) and got a little more tidier. Also, it copies markdown compatible changelogs to you clipboard.
  2. Solders order is indeed wonky, the packs I tested must have been in the correct order by coincedence I pushed new changes that improve sorting for builds like you mentioned them @plowmanplow and also change the behaviour of the build-select fields. Thanks for the feedback
  3. The Builds actually are sorted as they come from solder, which should be as they where released. Can you provide the pack where that wasn't helpful? I'm not sure what you mean by this @plowmanplow again, a screenshot or the pack wuld be nice so I can see.
  4. I have seen interest in solder auto-generating changelogs and also saw so many poor changelogs on the platform, that's why I wrote a little app. It just takes your existing solder pack and provides you with a full changelog between any two versions you wish. http://isigiel.github.io/changelogger/ That's where you can try it out. Just paste any platform-api link which you can find here For modpackers: To preload your pack use a link like the following one, stuff in [] is optional, you can also just preload you url. http://isigiel.github.io/changelogger/#/?url=<your api url
  5. Am besten du lädst die Logs hoch, dazu den Launcher öffnen, auf Launcher-Optionen klicken und dann auf "Logs Öffnen". Danach den Inhalt der neuesten Datei unter http://paste.ubuntu.com/ posten und den Link hier teilen. Alternativ kannst du auch mit dem Button "Pack Löschen" das pack entfernen und erneut installieren. TL;DR: Post the launcher logs or reinstall the pack.
  6. I wanted to share this with you, it's the Configurator. It is meant to help you with your nasty configs, It's functions are pretty limited right now, but if the technic community likes it, I might think about continue working. http://config.awesonium.com/
  7. Seems like this proves the above list final http://solder.technicpack.net/api/modpack/hexxit/1.0.0 Nice mods in this nice packs, can't wait to try it.
  8. No point at all, that's the point. They copy solder most likely
  9. Actually ftb is developing a sever api :D
  10. I still can't believe that twilightforest will make it
  11. look above http://solder.technicpack.net/api/modpack/hexxit/0.1
  12. You haven't seen the "real" leaked list, have you?
  13. After finding this link (http://solder.technicpack.net/api/modpack/hexxit/0.1) I made a modlist for the upcoming HEXXIT modpack. Mods that will be included: Not enough items Custom lanport Inventory Tweaks Trecapitator backpacks felsh to leather tinkers construct obsidian plates armorbar asgardshield backtools battletowers betterdungeons bibliocraft buffbar chococraft damage indicators Dimensional Doors Extra Biomes XL enchantig plus harken scythe infernal mods Legend gear Mapwriter Meteormod More Bows Natura Offlawn Pam's harvestcraft Project Zulu Ruins Soulshards Twilightforest Wildcav
  14. THIS seems actually legit: http://solder.technicpack.net/api/modpack/hexxit/0.1 Maybe this guy was right!
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