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  1. God I hate that I have to post this here, but I've been at this for hours and can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong.. I've gone through what I believe to be the correct steps in building my modpack.zip file and creating the modpack on my account, but when I go to install it from the launcher I get the error: "Error unzipping a file for the following pack: Prototype958 Custom Attempting to extract file prototype958-custom-1.0.zip, but it did not exist. Plase consult the modpack author." Now, I'm not sure what this "prototype958-custom-1.0.zip" file is supposed to be, my file in dropbox is modpack.zip. This pack is intended to just be something for me to play personally, and maybe if I can ever get it working, to bring a buddy in as well. I copied the Tekkit mods folder and added a couple additional ones that aren't in there that I like such as Tinkers, Morph and a few other small ones. Nothing huge, but it still contains all the current Tekkit mods, and should have all of the core modes necessary To build the pack, these were the steps I used to build the folder: 1. Created a folder on my desktop called "modpack" 2. In modpack I created "bin" and "mods" 3. In the mods folder I copied in all the mods from the tekkit mods folder exactly as they are in there. I also copied a couple additional mods from Icehenge. 4. I downloaded the latest version of Forge universal for Minecraft 1.64 (because that's what all the mods I have are for) 5. Zipped "bin" and "mods", I made sure the file was named "modpack.zip" and was archived as a zip file (using WinRar) 6. Uploaded it to dropbox as modpack.zip 7. Created the modpack "Prototype958 Custom" on my technic account. Set to hidden 8. Updated the modpack and included the dropbox share link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tdcikb475k142u7/modpack.zip?dl=1 (Also tried it as dl=0 and https://dl.dropbox just to see if it would work) When I copy the link from "My Modpacks" and enter it to the launcher, it finds the pack but attempting to install gives me the error I listed above... I appreciate any help, thanks ahead of time.
  2. So I expected this to have been asked before, but I couldn't find any topics through the search. Is there a reason Tinkers Construct isn't part of the Tekkit modpack? I'm assuming it conflicts with other certain mods, but if that's not the case I would like to try adding it for the server my friend and I use. On that note, am I able to modify the Tekkit modpack for myself, or would I need to create a "custom" pack that was a copy + Tinkers? Not sure how it would work with updates and such.
  3. Sorry man, but your audio is terrible on those videos. Also you don't NEED to use the Laser/Assembly table set up for the Basic/Advanced chips anymore. At least a year or 2 ago they introduced a MUCH easier way to craft them using a Quartz Cutting knife and a regular crafting bench. http://ftbwiki.org/Quartz_Cutting_Knife This page includes the recipe for the Cutting Knife, as well as the 2 "new" recipes for the Basic/Advanced Chip Assemblies. Once you have crafted the assembly, you simply drop it into any furnace to cook it for the full chip.
  4. No, regular transport pipes will not connect to the ME network. Also, you said you have the terminal, but do you have the rest of the core pieces of ME? The very minimum you need to store things in an ME network are the Acess Terminal, ME Controller, ME Drive and a Storage drive to go in it (1k, 4k, 16k, etc). Without all of these you won't be able to put anything in your network. One you have all the correct parts you need to pump your items into chests (or Deep Storage Units) and hook them up to what are called an Import Bus. An import bus connects to the ME blocks with ME cable and you place it against a storage container to have it "Import" what ever is placed into the chest into the network. You can also do the reverse with an Export Bus. And there are a third option called Storage Bus, which essentially change a storage block (like a Deep Storage Unit) into an ME storage container. All the items in a chest/DSU that is connected to a storage bus will appear in the ME network, but they will not take up drive space.
  5. It looks like you have the layout exactly right. As for the fertilizer, I see you have bonemeal in your hand, which, last time I checked, doesn't work the the MFR Fertilizer machine. That takes an actual Fertilizer item which is made from sewage collected from animals. I don't remember the name of the machine that does the processing off hand. Personally, I make big farms of carrots and potatoes, and farm them manually for a while. My harvesters are on my 3 tree patches, which I think grow much faster and therefore benefit more from the small 3x3 Harvester/Planter layouts. Later, once I can spare the materials, I'll add upgraded harvesters/planters to potatoes and carrots. I actually just found these old shots from a world I had a couple years ago. Very outdated tekkit now (still had the 3 different tesseracts), but it's a concept I'm already shooting for in my current world now. In the bottom center of these piller was a tesseract filtering bio fuel into the generators/tanks. I have other tesseracts transmitting the power generated out of the stacks, and usually some power cells for storage in the middles. I've refined this a couple times, but this is the only shot I have of the stacks. In another part of the base I have the reactors hooked into the ME network being fed my organics and filtering their bio fuel into tanks/tesseracts
  6. Yea I usually end up using a lot of Ender Tanks, not so much the chests for some reason. Probably because I build big ME networks. Still doesn't help with Energy though and that's the big one mostly because I don't like to Quarry near my base. I like to put it out over the water so I can't see the giant hole I leave behind, but also because the water helps create a ton of extra obsidian. Also need to be able to bring them into Myst worlds. What do you guys use to power distant quarrys so that you don't have to keep checking up on them and bringing more coal for steam/stirlings?
  7. Build a Bio Reactor and Bio Fuel Generator. Feed the Reactor organic items: Saplings, Potatoes, Carrots, Melon seeds, Pumpkin seeds, cocoa seeds, wheat seeds, cactus greens, nether wart, bone meal. Those are the ones I know work off the top of my head. Connect the Generator to the Reactor. Can use liquid pipes or just place them next to each other. The reactor will turn your organics into liquid bio fuel, the generator will use burn the bio fuel to create energy. Pump out the energy with conduits or what ever else you like to use for transporting energy. The trick is to keep the efficiency of the Reactor high. The more unique items you keep in it at a time, the more efficiently it will burn them into biofuel. It has a 9 slot inventory buffer and like 8-10 slots for unique items that it's "actively" burning. The more of those 10 active slots you fill the higher the efficiency. Biofuel is really simple. Just get a bunch of farms going and stock up. Cocoa and Melons/Pumpkins are get to get you started because they give you so many in return. I think Potatoes, carrots and saplings produce more fuel though so they're what you should shoot for in the long run. It looks like the new colored saplings burn in the reactor as well so that's a ton more unique items for efficiency, but I can't seem to get the harvesters to chop them down so I'm not currently using them for fuel. Of course you could still plant them and harvest them manually, but... What's the point of tekkit if you're doing things by hand!? I usually keep the following stocked in my reactors: Oak Saplings, Birch Saplings, Spruce Saplings, Carrots, Potatoes, Nether Wart, Pumpkin Seeds and Melon Seeds. Jungle saplings are hard to keep in stock as you don't get a lot of them back from farming, and wheat seeds have a low energy yield and aren't really worth it. Also, one full Reactor is typically enough to provide fuel for about 8 generators. I currently have 2 generators on my 1 reactor and it's enough to power my 2 pulverizers/furnaces, 3 planter/harvers and a quarry. I have other machines attached but they aren't running as frequently as those others I'm at work right now so I can't really give any screen caps or anything. Sorry
  8. Are there any tricks around the issue of quarries not mining out anything under oil? Usually I would just go down and fill in the oil with cobble or dirt to erase it, but it seems like either the frequency of oil got a huge buff or I'm just in a world gen that's super rich in oil. (I swear I can't escape it, it's everywhere!) So I'd love to hear if anyone has any tricks to deal with this. My quarry is missing huge chunks due to this. Also side note: I'm digging out underwater. Not sure if this happens on land, but when the quarry hits oil, it ignores all blocks under the oil.
  9. According to the wiki that sounds like exactly how it's supposed to work.
  10. Yea that's what I started doing. It's not so much the cost as the complexity that's annoying. Although the other components of the enderium ingots were a pain to get too
  11. Biofuel is my favorite. All you need are farms to power levels up. Saplings, seeds, potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, melons, cactus, mushrooms, nether wart. All of these can be put in an automated farm that feed right into your bio reactors for infinate power
  12. Yea, I'm not seeing those... It's looking like Tesseracts are the only option which is a bummer. Think it took 30something ender pearls to make a pair...
  13. So I'm just getting back into playing after being away for a bit of a stretch. Before I left, the cost and complexity of Tesseracts had shot up through the roof, but I don't think there were any other options that did what they did quite as effectively. Now that I'm back, I'm wondering if anything else exists that are a plausable alternative to Tesseracts in terms of transporting fluid, items and/or power.
  14. Cyclic Assembler should do what you're looking for. Just have to create a schematic for the block then fill the machine's inventory with the bars. http://wiki.technicpack.net/Cyclic_Assembler It only does one schematic at a time though so you would need multiple for full automation. I use them to break my melons/pumpkins down into seeds before feeding them to my bio reactors
  15. 1. For the love of god please don't dump error logs in here. Put them in something like paste bin and share the link. This is standard forum etiquette no matter where you're posting. 2. It sounds like you probably deleted the wrong folders for D-Doors. If you're hosting a server it's a best practice to at least disable Dim Doors, many times even Mystcraft because of they way those mods operate. Every time a new Dim Door or Mystcraft world is accessed it goes through a whole new world gen process and dumps those into folders in the server's files. These quickly take up a lot of space and cause problems with the server. If you have to delete the dimensions, you want to be deleting the folders that specifically say "Dim5" or something like that, counting up towards the number of dimensions accessed since the server started. Always always remember, before deleting anything from your worlds, back up your shit! If you saved a back up copy before you deleted those data folders you could easily revert back with minimal losses. If you didn't back up, however, you're more than likely SOL and might be better off starting a fresh world for the server.
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