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  1. Hello all! The Vertoak vanilla server is now Hexxit! IP: 100% FREE RANKS Great staff 24/7 Bukkit w/essentials SHIPS PLUGIN! AIRSHIPS PLUGIN! FACTIONS! JOIN NOW!
  2. If anyone has a link for this already, sorry i can't look through 163 posts to find it, but is there a way to this in reverse? Like go from tekkit lite to tekkit classic?
  3. Ok, first off, i hope this is in the right section for asking this, and i apologize if it is not. I have done a TON of searching and cannot find any way at all to convert a Tekkit Lite world into A tekkit Classic world. Of course there will be problems with missing blocks and new blocks and all, I'm very knowledgeable of Minecraft and Tekkit. I just don't have the time or patience, sadly, to convert like 50,000 ID's by myself and was hoping one of you out there had a way?