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  1. Because when your staff don't tell us they are from your server, ask over and over if they can help us so we do (thank god we didn't give them op..) then they help us for a few minutes then when we are not looking they destroy all of our projects while spamming "FCoFix blah blah" that would lead one to assume they are doing it because the only way you are able to promote your server is by putting every other server down and acting like the Tekkit Classic police on the forums.
  2. Oh and it was your sister who blew everything up so I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Try complaining to someone who wants to hear it because we know what you people are like.
  3. Ok trying to make another server look bad when your staff try to sabotage it won't make your server look any better. Stick to your own server because none of you are allowed back on RSG after what you guys did to all of our hard work..
  4. Our IP is RSGTekkit.net <-- Connect for 24/7, lag free fun! Our Website: redstonegaming.enjin.com <-- RSG = Redstone Gaming! What can RSGTekkit.net offer YOU? We have a multitude of features which make us not only unique, but the best choice when it comes to having the ultimate Tekkit Classic experience! Seperate Worlds For Different TastesAnarchy World For Super Chaotic Fun Economy World For Building and No Grief PvP World for Griefing and Raiding Shop Plot World to Drive the Inter-World Economy Mini-Games to Keep You Entertained! Our main world is our economy world. This has proven to be our most popular over time. However with RSGTekkit.net, you are not limited to just this play style! In fact, you can just jump over to /warp hub, and go through one of many portals giving you an amazing and new experience in just seconds! The beauty of RSGTekkit.net is that you can build safely in our economy world, utilizing strong anti-grief tools to keep your base safe. When you get together with friends, you can hop onto the anarchy world to wreak some havoc - and when you are done you safely return to your base in the economy world! Economy based play not your style? Then make our PvP world your home-world! Our PvP world offers factions to band together with friends, to fight off enemies and claim your land. All while knowing not only can you take a step to the more extreme side of anarchy whenever you wish without risking your PvP world belongings and knowing you can still access the inter-world mall to take part in the economy! RSGTekkit.net offers this unique experience that no other Tekkit Classic server can. We have 100 slots, guaranteeing that we will won't ever fill up completely! Economy World: Use Grief Prevention To Protect Land Griefing is Prohibited Players Revolve Around Building and Trading PvP is Allowed, But No Raiding PvP World: Factions is Used To Make Groups Griefing and Raiding is Allowed Players Revolve Around Battle and Pillaging Still Have Access to The Mall Anarchy World: All Out War, With No Rules Grief, Raid, Pillage, Who Cares! Map Reset Every So Often To Regenerate Is Here To Let Out Stress & Have Fun Basic Universal Rules: It Is Never OK To Spam or Use Caps Respect Staff and Other Players Any Hacks or Exploits = Not Allowed Creating Lag Machines = Ban Advertising Other Servers = Ban So What Are You Waiting For? Join IP: RSGTekkit.net Today!
  5. Members of FCoFix joined our server, gained our trust, earned /gm 1 to help build and then ended up blowing up giant pieces of our near released projects while spamming things about FCoFix being better. So yeah, hostility is between the two servers. Maybe if your staff didn't go on other servers to sabotage them you people wouldn't be treated so harshly.
  6. PvP is alowed but you are not supposed to kill newly spawned players or kill people inside of their bases on the Eco server.
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