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  1. do you have to fix something again? :/ please post when youve fixed it so i can get bak on :P
  2. i would very much like to get back on the server so i can finish off those walkers and enjoy the modpack
  3. they automaticly disappear after spawning one of them, i think thats how its suppost to work, if it isnt then idk what
  4. no but i was trying to claim a castle full of walkers, i think they were crashing you id suggest either killing them or finding out why they crash the server srry about making you crash tho by walkers i mean the wind walker guys that look like blue eyed herobrines
  5. IGN: t3hyoshi2 Age: 17 Why Horizon?: i want to try hexxit on multiplayer XD What is your goal on the server?: to explore and enjoy the game
  6. Your in-game name: t3hyoshi2 why do you want to join our server?: it looks fun and theres not many tekkit servers out there without greif and pvp everywhere why JWL?: i saw it on the technic forums and thought it looked awesome XD something about yourself: i plan to become a game developer when i learn how to code :P
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