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  1. We launched a tekkit lite server a month ago and think we have reached the point that you can play, We are looking for potential staff and people to help find bugs and just play the game Currently we have a few items banned and sadly had to ban the Dimensional doors mod We got features like /rankup admin shop our custom /crownjewel which you can buy certain perks with and more we are still in early development so any help tips or suggestions are much appreicated. IP lite.*IP Gnomes stole your IP!* our website *URL Gnomes stole your URL!* Discord *Discord Gnomes stole your Discord link!*
  2. Um Removeconsolespam plugin helps, Too bad this is an old post
  3. Okay i know people that are currently running servers don't really want to help potential "rivals", but i have 2 questions anyone know if there is a patch for Buildcraft pipes item loops? items going in a loop for eternity, or do i have to decompile the mod and recompile it with a fix that removes items after a certain time or if there are to many items in the pipes. (Buildcraft is not open source so its hard to recompile ALOT of erros....) and anyone got any info on how to Multi Server 1.2.5? much appreciated if anyone have any info on these problems i am having. actually going to add a few more problems in hopes of a knowledgeable soul arrives to my post :=) So i am having a problem with items stacking up in Pneumatic pipes the tubestuffmod i found 1 factory with over 100 alchemy chests full of stacks of Blaze rods STUCK IN THE PIPES. which caused massive tps issues i went down to 5 tps when that base was loaded on the server. Which ofcourse can be fixed by the players being responsible and adding overflows to their factories. But a server side fix would be best. Do teleport pipes actually corrupt worlds seen a few servers having them enabled, but i am scared to enable them if they potentially corrupts the world which would make all the players lose 100s of hours of building and progress. Thank you to everyone reading the post and for any potential help leads and answers.
  4. i hope i can register all my friends at once IGN: Mavac please add my friends to sander2324 jonasdybvik and iriki i could ask them to make a post but they would probably be the same as mine in age and the other stuff Age 14 Why Horizon? Its the first server i wanna experience the modpack with other people What is your goal on the server
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