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  1. Hey, lear! This is Marc with Horizon. I just wanted to let you know that we plan on opening in a few hours! So if you're still interested feel free to check us out at hexxit.bxbservers.com and our website at bxbservers.com!

  2. In fact, I was around when hookshots started working and that rule was made so I clearly knew about it. So why would I break that rule knowing there is a ban behind it?
  3. I didn't hookshot anyone out of spawn, loon may have but as fad as I know he didnt and Leon used a Titan band on loon. I used a hookshot in spawn. I don't know why anyone thinks that I hookshot anyone out of spawn.
  4. Can someone tell me why I was banned? I don't know why or who did it. I'm eager to play. [EDIT] reposted on the new website on the http://www.jwlservers.com/forum/m/13014821/viewthread/7998380-abuseive-member
  5. Also, he stole the name of my rapier, and I insist that he changes it.
  6. Hey claw, I think you need to un pmod gap, he's abusing his powers. He gave himself max health (I'm pretty sure) and he's taking things out of people's inventory, please de mod him, I just logged out while he was trying to steal my god armor. EDIT: he didn't take my armor.
  7. help me please!! i was banned for spam without any warning. someone unban me please! My username is Lear62
  8. hey, you want to do your playthrough with me? i just got rid of my lag issue, and i have a screen recorder and mic. want to? ps, i also have all my stuff in bags for the reset.
  9. when will the server stay solidly online? it never seems to be online anymore :(
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