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  1. pew i started a hexxit server because the big dig server is such a large mod filled server that people keep crashing it and i cant keep up with putting it up while im away. Since hexxit is much smaller i hope that itll run all week long while i am away if you want to join in on the action @

  2. well i just got home and put the server up for you guys! Sorry again for all of this! (all the dimensions that opened at one time from dimensional door diving crashed it ugh )
  3. Oh no! It's down?!??! And ya mystcraft runs fine , it's dimensional doors that crash the sever, I keep telling people not to keep jumping through the dungeons n such , just make teleports I use my handheld one daily . Ugh but I'm only home on weekends for the next 7 weeks so I can't fix it till Friday night. I apologize to you all !
  4. yeah, i have it without plugs ins atm, I recently got a new job so i wont be able to maintain it very often *training for 8 weeks) so ill only be able to look at the server on the weekends so im trying to keep it as stable as possible but some people ive noticed keep rushing through dimensional doors alot so theres a ton of rifts now haha ( i think my server file is about 1.5GB now)
  5. To the people who were playing between 7/7 - 7/9 I wish to apologize for the server roll-back, I was out of town for those 2 days and when i returned my Servers OS completely crashed and the video card went out as well. I am sorry that all this happened :X
  6. posting again (sorry i know im annoying ) but Id like to hear some feedback from anyone at all (even if you dont play on the server) about ideas to add. SO far the discussion was to add some sort of bounties to people to encourage fighting, anyone happen to have any suggestions about prizes or even mods they would like to see?
  7. Okay, well i did try removing all of my Universal cables but for some reason not all the machines accept it, i dont even think the battery box i have was accepting a flow from them, which is really bugging me. I remember back in IC2 the cables worked much better and really the only thing we ever added was optifine (tekkit server i believe) we even had chunk loaders so that the server would stay on in certain areas so power was always flowing. But now its like ugh!!! wires/cables dont all work well together and to whoever said about something or another about the host, its my own server, i host a 20 slot server, and currently run Ubuntu with 4GB of ram. Supposedly im using a form of ramdisk built into it but not sure how thats working atm . Another question I would like to ask is, When I upgrade my Server pc, will that alone help with the large demand that big dig has, EX: going from the current 4GB to a 12GB rig i have with a (i know its not best but itll be a 3.4 Quad) with 1 SSD and itll run the server on RAMDISK. I feel like im some aspects itll improve but overall i feel like with the current state its in now, it wont have large effects. Even now itll say the server cant keep up / did the time change message but the server isnt even maxing out the resources it has ... so im always at a loss with MC servers haha *phew... long post hahah*
  8. I tried the redstone conduit but they dont seem to be friendly with my fusion reactor >.< rawr . Also some people on my server are venturing very far out, and its causing the game to be unplayable, like redstone doors take a min to open at times, are there any mods that work well with BigDig for lag reduction?
  9. Thanks again to everyone who is online! making it really fun with everyone playing now! haha
  10. Have you noticed anything with storing energy? it feels like the process to pipe into battery boxes causes a bit of lag too
  11. Thanks , Im hopeing to upgrade the computer and then add in more features in the near future! :)
  12. Probably shoulda included this but my user name is samrpopo. haha
  13. IP = Looking for players to play some epic PVP. My goal is to have a couple different "teams" however many, make bases, build up an epic stock of missiles n crap, n try n blow each other up for good fun! The only rules i have would be to be rude to each other have good fun and allow someone to at least make somewhat of a base before attacking
  14. Ok so I've had a server up and running for a week or so now, and whenever i connect electricity (solar panels heat generators etc etc) to power boxes i lose alot of performance and even if i pipe the energy in from far away it doesn't help. Ive read the sticky forum and many others but have had no success. Does anyone have mods or addons they use for their server and client to help with these issues? My server computer has 4GB RAM runs ubuntu 64bit and also runs the game in the ram itself (like ramdisk for windows) but nothing I have tried thus far seems to fix the energy lag
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