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  1. pew i started a hexxit server because the big dig server is such a large mod filled server that people keep crashing it and i cant keep up with putting it up while im away. Since hexxit is much smaller i hope that itll run all week long while i am away if you want to join in on the action @

  2. That's good to know then, I'm quite fond of Mystcraft, drknsss620 is really busy with work at the moment so I'd assume that he hasn't checked the server.
  3. It may have something to do with mystcraft and dimensional doors, the server has been known to crash when new worlds and such are made. Hopefully drknsss620 will start it again.
  4. I'm quite an avid fan of this server, friendly people and some who are cold blooded killers. This is a great hardcore pvp server, couldn't ask for more. 10/10 would connect again