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  1. Yea I talked to malkav about it a little bit. Sorry I left your town I missed the light of day.
  2. Tekkit Lite + Hexxit would be amazing i think... just sayin my simple idea.
  3. Hmm is the server having issues or is it somehow me? The server seems to be going down and doesnt show back up for me. I was just wondering if its me or the server having issues.
  4. Is the server down or did i get taken off of whitelist for any reason? :: Nevermind i suppose it was just down for a small bit
  5. I would love to join a mature server like this. I'm not interested in PvP and I really want to join a community and play Hexxit with others. I have ran my own rather small personal servers but most of my friends have moved on to other games. I sorta just want to set up a farm and trade with others. IGN: Klovis_Cole Age: 26
  6. If Skype isn't a requirement then I'd join. (Skype doesn't seem to work very well with me on Windows8, plus i generally hate windows8 version of skype) ign: Klovis_Cole age: 26 If voice is a must I usually use Steam's voice chat or I have c3
  7. I tried out a few things and got it working with a few of my friends help. Thankx anyway
  8. The .cmd window looks perfectly fine everythig running as other servers have ran but when i go to multiplayer and use my ip with my port at the end it can't find it.
  9. I'm trying to make a small server for me and my friends to play. I've ran servers for the other modpacks perfectly fine, but when i try to run this one it looks as if the server is running but when i add the ip in the game multiplayer it doesn't show. Can anyone help? (And its not just me either, one of my other friends has tried running a server for us and its does the same for him.)
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