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  1. Hey Guys! My friend recently bought Minecraft so we could play Tekkit together. I downloaded the Tekkit Server thingy from the main page, created the server 'n stuff all seemed to be going perfectly when I could connect to my own server.But unfortunately, it says 'Can't reach server' for my friend. We are on the same Hamachi network, he typed in my IP frankly. I tried turning off the firewall but that didn't help neither. Could you guys help me what might be the problem? Cheers
  2. Your In Game Name Raketabefott Your age 17 Where you are from Hungary Something about you (optional) biggest HP fan out there, also love Arrow, Walking Dead, and Dr. House. Why you want to join the server (optional) I've been playing Tekkit Classic & Main for quite a while, thought it'd be time to start playing on a server!
  3. Username: Raketabefott Age: 17 Why Tekkitopia? been playing Tekkit in single for quite a while now, thought I'd try a server, and yours seemed cool for the first look. Your secret code: 12Rak
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