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  1. This is a new server, if you find any bugs or exploits, or general game issues please report them to King_Of_Legendz or DemonicNature in-game. You can either be banned for abusing them, or rewarded for reporting them. We Are a Dedicated Community and put forth all our effort and hard work into making this server the best it can be for all of you. I AM TAKING DONATIONS ! Server IP: Skype: hiby251 Mumble IP: mumble-us.cleanvoice.ru: 59545 server website: http://legendzofhexxit.enjin.com/ Welcome, to Legendz of Hexxit (NOTHING) BANNED- stay away from enderbows PVP-ON Plugins (Open For Suggestions on more Plugins) Factions Essentials mcMMO Rules No Grief faction land if not claimed then may grief No Cheating/glitching in anyway No Spam WE ARE NO LONGER WHITELIST WE ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
  2. my skype is hiby251 give me your ign
  3. hello would any of you be interested in joining my hexxit server, lol we meet again zuzou, lol my ftb-ultimate server remember btw we are a very small server about 2 people online right now
  4. I am announcing the Return of this Server today 10 people will be whitelisted
  5. thanks to all who saw this post and/or wanted or still wants to join this server. we are no longer taking requests, we also do not play hexxit anymore due to our feelings about hexxit. we have moved onto bigger and better things. Thank You and goodbye
  6. if all of you want to join i will host it, i'd be glad if all of you joined
  7. Skype: hiby251 i'm willing to host and i got another friend with me we have played this sense yesterday and at least can get things established, i'd be glad if you were to come join us our new world
  8. if anyone wants to join me and my friend i am glad to have you! skype me, or post on this thread with questions or requests we are looking for a little more mature but nothing under 13 please responnd Skype: hiby251 ign: King_of_legendz friends ign: gothrum3
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