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  1. Onikrex

    Fancy bases

    Hey guys, does anyone know a site or something that I can see some fancy bases? I just can't seem to be creative enough to make one, and I'd love to go see what other people make.
  2. Unless he isn't wanting that because it is too hard. What if he is running a server? That mob causes terrible lag when he is defeated, and on a server, it would be 10 fold.
  3. I noticed insane lag after using an Enderbow. I'm assuming that when combined with the lag of a server, it might cause a crash.
  4. I'm not sure why you posted this. He isn't asking for information on how to make them. He is asking about different tiers stacking up against each other.
  5. I try to launch Hexxit now and I just get an error saying "Error retrieving information for selected pack: Hexxit." and it will not let me load it. What can I do to fix this? o 3o
  6. Like, a legit, normal minecraft mining shaft type of mining. I've started 7 or 8 mining shafts, and every one of them has hit a water-filled cravat before level 30. They've all been far far away from each other. Just wanting to see if it was just horrid luck with my seed, or if anyone else had had this issue yet.
  7. What item is it doing it on? I noticed it did that to me on my meteor gear. But not on normal gear.
  8. Just a warning, we added Komple1 to our group on Skype so he could join our server, and he spam called all of us from 4-9 in the damn morning. When we didnt answer he insulted us and continued calling. Good luck.
  9. Yeah, I had something similar happen. It sucked. :x
  10. I've got a quick question about it. I cannot find this information anywhere online or in videos. I made all my tables, but when I throw a blank pattern into the Stencil Table, it won't make different patterns. I see people in videos putting a blank pattern into the table and it instantly makes it into a pattern of your choosing. Yet, my table will not. Why is that?
  11. I've only seen the pages in chests from dungeons :U
  12. I made the same thread before noticing there are like 5 threads on this. Its an error, the only way to get around it is to delete the turtle boss from your mod folder.
  13. So, what's the best thing to make weapons out of? o 3o
  14. Alrighty, do you have Skype? If so, just message me your name on there and I'll add you real quick.
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