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  1. 1.0.5 fixed the slow tree chopping bug and updated OffLawn. Feel free to update your clients, our server supports the update.
  2. It looks like we need to purchase DDoS protection, we are getting hit by 6gb/s floods. Please donate any amount to us so we can afford this DDoS protection. We plan on getting a 10gb/s plan. Click here to donate any amount
  3. Unfortunately, we are experiencing some large scale DDoS attacks. Our IP was recently null routed. Please be patient while we sort this issue out.
  4. Updated server to Hexxit 1.0.4! Please update your clients.
  5. Upgraded our hardware to 16GB of RAM and a brand new SSD Less lag now <3
  6. Fixed crashing issues. Server hasn't crashed in 2 days! Changed a forge config option regarding tileentities and ticking entities.
  7. Listen Claw, I honestly didn't mean any harm to take away the players from the server in ANY way. I guess I was just excited.
  8. Claw, this server is truly amazing. The plugins are configured with care, the staff are helpful, great server. ~y0b
  9. Sweet server, highly recommended The staff are amazing, the spawn is boss, plugins are epic.
  10. Baha, I copied nothing. Your server has poor management, thats why ours is thriving at the moment. Learn how to run a server. Thank you, I appreciate the support.
  11. Hexxit, why don't you get along well with MCPC+?

  12. Sorry for the delay guys. We are adding BetterDungeons and Generating our Normal and Twilight world. This will mean no more lag spikes! The world will NOT be reset, this is just to generate new chunks. Thanks, ~y0b
  13. This is odd. Are you running regular Hexxit or are you using something like MCPC+?