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  1. The Chocobo Racetrack and Battle Arena are now finished with harrowing traps and death defying heights! Come visit and wager who will win and blaze your path to glory! Chocobo's and food for racers will be provided!
  2. The server is now updated and running more smoothly than any minecraft server I've played. Its really making a difference. I have a really awesome project cooking up for cooperative play (let me just hint that it involves some competition, in game betting, sanctioned PVP, etc and I am really excited to see the future developments of the server! Come join and have fun!
  3. I've tried several of the Hexxit servers out there and this server is definitely the best and most fun. The Developer is really awesome and I'm having tons of fun surviving and raiding dungeons. The dev team is really serious about keeping this up to date with mods and fixes. There are dozens of people that have been logging on to it since server launch and we have been having fun. The developer Kegz also has a classic emulated EQ server called the Sleeper that is quite interesting too. The epicemu gaming community is definitely worth checking out and joining. Apprentice
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