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  1. Also a bit stupid that the forums userid & password are different from the main web site's but I understand they are 2 different web applications.
  2. No, I'm not trying to get into the game. I'm trying to log into http://www.technicpack.net/ I use the technicpack.net page to reset my password...get the the email...reset it...try to log into http://www.technicpack.net/ web page get told my password is wrong.
  3. This is getting annoying. Password doesn't work so I go and request a password reset email via http://www.technicpack.net/lost-password click on the link to the email. enter new password in both boxes. get told Your password has been reset. You can now log in with your new password! try to log in... Invalid Username/Password FFS!
  4. honeydewskinguy the server has some good protection and a great crew staffing it. Griefing isn't tolerated and dealt with quickly. There are some great projects going on in the server too. Always a bunch of people wanting to talk and play.
  5. How do you ride the chocobos? I've made a chocobo saddle but can't seem to tame them or ride them.
  6. If you are crashing on entering the nether and they aren't then it sounds like conflicts between server and client mod versions. The only crash I get is with the BossTurtle.
  7. cobaltwarrior19 thanks for pointing out that mod.
  8. 77ab2, you do realize the number of mods doesn't really matter. It is what the mods do. This set of mods has some very demanding requirements and the mod caters for updating chucks that have been already generated putting in new content. How about you get a better computer?
  9. You missed my point. Using limbo you can get to spots 30km away without having to run 30km in the first place. Sure use the rifts after you get there...but you need to get there first. If you have an ocean you can use a boat...they are a bit faster the running too.
  10. oh and Limbo now has some buildings to explore and loot while killing stuff
  11. Thanks for the advice. I had to use the /tp from the server console to port out players 1 by 1 as they logged in.
  12. There are a few options for you. 1) travel through the nether to shorten the distance 2) using limbo via pocket dimensions. The first option is more controllable by you as travelling south in the nether makes you travel south in the over worlds just further. The second option just seems to plunk you more randomly but I could be wrong there. I have been placed over 30,000m from my spawn using limbo before. Found another dimensional pocket and worked back into limbo to some out just 10km from my spawn but from another direction. Definitely carry rift signatures that are attuned to your spawn area tho.
  13. Everything worked fine for me. I basically installed 1.0.1 then copied my world over and started it up. It looks like it had to do something with every chunk that was created but the world still works fine...more flowers it seems :P