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  1. Download your map, download MCedit, edit the map and remove the problematic entity, reupload map to server.
  2. In game name - RagingBearFish Age - 20 Location - US/CST Are you currently banned from any servers? - no Minecraft experience to date - Since early alpha A short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to play on our server - Just shutdown my servers I used to run, got to stressful with crashes and money, also with 3rd year of uni coming up figured I didn't need to deal with it, I've ran servers since Alpha on and off. About me? I'm 20, go to college for business management. I do keto and bodyweight training. I play guitar and piano. I also game a lot. I'm looking for somewhere where there isn't a ton of players, but not only 2 players on. Big Dig seems like it's something I can play and not get bored with. I guess a con about me is I get impatient pretty quick.
  3. No server has been up, nothing has been turned off in the past few days. You may have joined at a restart point. Forest is the main admin for hexxit now. Sirlink215 and I are setting up anothers erver at the moment We have a new website---> craftthis.info new ips hex.craftthis.info 2nd server IP not released.
  4. Oh i'm sorry, I guess we missed you. I've remedied that and whitelisted you! Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. ? Yeah, we set world borders, but we didn't know how far the farthest person was, we'll keep expanding to accommodate, no one has to move. Also the server was down because the provider didn't tell me they were moving datacenters.
  6. I would just manually type it. It shows up in your box everytime anyhow, that way you don't have to deal with losing your way points.
  7. Appear? Why do you not just manually type it in, if the one you want does not appear.
  8. Also as an update, we have someone working on the server right now, hopefully will be up in a little while.
  9. Thanks for the explanation, I assumed it was something to do with it considering to be different, but most users only use one or the other, we only set up the second IP becuase we may be doing something with a second server very soon. So the solution, obviously, is pick one or the other.
  10. I have not had this problem and I've heard no one else with this problem. What IP do you connect through?
  11. It's actually up more than it is down, this is the first time it's been down since the 3rd, but it is down due to an issue with the machine and is currently being repaired. I'm not really sure what you mean by switching between IP's. It has 2 IP's that are active at all times.
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