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  1. Name: Alex Minecraft Username: MrFigglyWiggly Age: 11 Your long term minecraft project: building a cool looking house with machines and stuff... Why you want to play on this server: I tried to get whitelisted on a lot of tekkit servers but i never get whitelisted because of my age. And also i like to play on smaller servers, so you can trust people and dont need to worry about your stuff being stolen or lagging a lot. I lag on BIG servers becuase i have a older computer, but i wont lagg on smaller servers. thanks for reading, i hope you answer
  2. IGN: MrFigglyWiggly Age: 11 (no joke) please dont look at my age Why are you looking tot join the server: i want tot play with people you can trust so you dont need to be worried about getting raided and stuff like that Also the other servers have so many people. What can you bring to the server: I can make awesome things With microblocks and i can make Nice and helpfull machines and i can get solar ,wind and water power and quarrys and all of that good stuff. Tell me about your play style: I play tekkit as long as i play minecraft; 5 years or so. Tell me a bit anbout your self: i love tekkit lite and FTB. Once i start something i keep doing it; so i will spend a lot of time on the server (I play every day =D) I want to play on a tekkit server for a long time I also like to help people when someone is stuck Please answer me and if jou dont white list me then tell me why Big tanks.
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