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  1. Please post on our website forums if you have issues that way we can get to it in a timely manner! Thanks
  2. Not sure you got what i was asking The issues is with a Quarry running for every player in game is killing the tps. So if i can make it where the Quarry only works if you are near it then the players that are at the arena or hand mining or what ever it is they do their quarrys arent eating at the cpu and memory.
  3. Im looking for a way to turn the quarrys off when the player isnt near the chunk. I dont want 300+ running at the same time when a player is afk at the spawn or something so is there a way? Ive tried forgechunkloader.cnfig , chickenchunks.cnfig, buildcraft main.cnfig Ive tried a bunch of files ... i know it can be done cuase ive been on server that have done it! PLEASE HELP
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