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  1. When I have items being pumped into machines like furnaces with Buildcraft pipes, the items fill up one furnace before they begin to pump to the other ones. Is it possible to make it so that with one chest, I can have all the furnaces running before any get full?
  2. 2 terraformers or 1 terraformer with twice as much power?
  3. Need an item to store my emc that isnt a klein star
  4. Is it possible to enchant them with the vanilla enchanting feature?
  5. Can I enchant EE weapons and armor with the vanilla enchanting feature?
  6. I had a rotary macerator in my house and one day, the texture decided to just become completely white. Even the rotary macerator in the not enough items was white. The roatry macerator works fine but i just cant see the texture.
  7. I cant open the technic launcher but when i click play, nothing happens.
  8. Earlier today, I was trying to put some IndustrialCraft cables through the hollow microblocks but it didn't work. I checked on the wiki and it said I should be able to put the cables through the hollow blocks. Is there a special way to do this or is it just impossible?
  9. My sound was like that a few days ago but you should be able to fix it by closing Tekkit then disabling your antivirus for a few minutes then restarting Tekkit.
  10. Hey I'd like to join your server. Can you send me the ip?
  11. Hi, I would like to join a server with about 3-4 people with skype. I usually play a few hours each day. My time zone is Pacific Time in Canada and I am very experienced with Tekkit Classic.
  12. If you have 32 bit java, get 64 bit. If you already have 64 bit, open up your task manager with ctrl-shift-esc or ctrl-alt-delete, right click on java and set the priority higher.
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