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  1. Hey, Quallen! This is Euth with Horizon. I just wanted to let you know that we plan on opening in a few hours! So if you're still interested feel free to check us out at hexxit.bxbservers.com and our website at bxbservers.com!

  2. 1. What is your minecraft name? quallen2010 2. Do you agree to the rules, stated above? I do 3. Do you have any questions, not listed in the 'Questions and Answers?' 4. If so, state them here:None 5. Do you have any bans on record? Nope 6. If so, why? I dont have any 7. Why are you interested in SilliHex? I like that it's no pvp and no griefing 8. Have you played on any other Hexxit servers? Yes i have played on Horizon
  3. IGN (In Game Name): quallen2010 Age: 13 Why Horizon?: I have wanted to go on a hexxit server but could not find a good one with no griefing What is your goal on the server?: I want to play Hexxit with friends,meet some cool new people and to explore the epicness of Hexxit