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  1. Any chance we could get this working for things like Dynamite and Destruction Catalyst?
  2. I'm going to touch up on this since nobody here has said anything about it, RM Furnaces do have massive duplication glitch. If you shift-click on any item in the bottom right hand corner of your inventory, the item will multiply itself, have only one of the item and you click it once? You get two, click it again? You get four, and so on. The server I play on just banned it recently for that specific purpose.
  3. I'm currently having this issue as well, any thoughts?
  4. If you shift click anything in the bottom right corner of your inventory while looking inside a red matter furnace, the item you clicked on will instantly duplicate into multiples of itself. Found this io my friend's 2.1.1 server earlier, not entirely sure if that's the latest version or not.