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  1. Thanks for the support, i'll be looking forward to receive news. I'll be offline until you have made your investigations so my base ( aka the "crime scene" ) will remain intact.
  2. Well last night something happened in my house, i dunno what but looks like an explosion of some kind, couple of my exterior walls were gone and i cannot tell if the explosion came from outside or inside but something bad happened in the very core of my base, that is to say all my storage is gone. Somehow the explosion got all the way there and I lost like 95% of my resources, including all my most precious stuff like diamonds metals and so on... I cannot tell what happened, in my base there was nothing that could explode, i use steam engines for power so they cannot blow up ( they just stop if something bad happens ). What i noticed is that inside of my base there was a drop in framerate, i was replacing all buildcraft pipes with my new ME system but without my resources i cannot fix this anymore. Any help? Is it possible to have a rollback of some sort? edit: i have replaced broken walls with cobblestone in order to leave the evidence of the explosion
  3. Server has been fine for a few hours then 1 hour ago started to lag, lag was worse and worse, until a minute ago when it crashed... it really looks like the stability wasnt reached. I guess there is something else that makes the server to crash...
  4. Isn't spam posting 4 posts in a row? i think so... next time instead of writing 1 post every minute, try to write one with all contents you need to comunicate. It's a forum not a chat...
  5. Chill out man, reinstalling your tekkit wont fix the server issues, if server is down, is down for everybody...
  6. HEY, welcome to the almost always down server ( lately at least ). Regarding the starting area and shop area, i have pointed it out ages ago but nobody ever listened :(
  7. I cant believe this server is down every day now.... if i were a donor i would have already killed someone... how can you even expect to get donations on a server that is down everyday?
  8. For me the server is not reachable aka DOWN I guess trying to login randomly wont fix the issue This is the error i get:
  9. 2 hours at least for sure, maybe more. Since last server restart
  10. Same story, when server restarts... boom won't boot again
  11. The server has been kinda of unstable lately, every 2-3 hours i can't login for a while... is it only me?
  12. Hey, is the server down? I cant login