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  1. Truecraft adds 100+ biome types for you to explore. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Truecraft adds a ton of new ores for you to use, and they're not easy to get. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Truecraft adds a TON of dungeons and ruins for you to plunder. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Truecraft adds more farming and more things to do around your home. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not everything is manual, anymore either. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The world of Truecraft feels more real. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Nether isn't empty anymore. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your home won't be a replica of everyone else's anymore either. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Truecraft is what, in my opinion, vanilla minecraft should aspire more to be like. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Want to try it? You'll need the technic launcher. It makes installation 1000% easier. Instructions: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Still not convinced? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh, so what mods are in this modpack? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will be doing occasional updates to the modpack every so often, to correct balance issues or to update mods, or to add mods that I feel will add to the world in some manner (not before I fix any balances or config problems.) I've experienced NO crashing with this new iteration of TrueCraft, and very little world generation lag. You may experience some if a large ruin or dungeon is generating, but just be patient.Also note, that this modpack does put more strain on your computer than normal vanilla minecraft, and as such you may need to turn your graphic settings down a little bit. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wanna play with my friends! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I really hope you all enjoy the new iteration of Truecraft!
  2. So does no one know how to fix this? I've been looking everywhere, tried again to edit the class file manually but that just crashes on it's own, so... I know several server owners are getting around this, somehow, but I have no clue how. I really don't want to remove betterdungeons as it's basically one of the core mods in Hexxit.
  3. I already have remove errors automatically changed in the config file. As for removing the offending item, that's not the problem. It seems to be caused by BetterDungeons attempting to change a furnace into a chest, when it's creating the dungeons themselves.
  4. It seems to be trying to turn a furnace into a chest? I think? I went into the class files to see if I couldn't fix it myself, but nope, I couldn't. I hope someone comes up with a fix to this problem as this seems to be the number one cause of server crashes for me. Thanks.